34 West 34th

159 West 25th

15 West 38th

138 Bruckner Blvd

2840 Atlantic Ave.

2339 Nostrand Ave.

2230 Cropsy Ave.

1499 Bedford Ave.

620 West 153rd

441W 37th St.

299 East 161

280 Meeker Ave.

248 Tioronda Ave.

218 Front St.

33-4th St.

100 Throop Ave.

98-08 Queens Blvd

77-62 Vleigh Pl

58 Vanderbilt

40 Bruckner Bronx

38 Greene St.

19 Rockwell Pl

979 Pacific

520 Beach 19th

187 Kent Ave.

65-67 Grattan St.

441 4th Ave.

445 Vanderbilt Ave.

40 Memorial Highway.

349 5th Ave.

312 Broadway Ave.

224 West 124th St.

45 East 7th St.

185 Grand St.

167 Chrystie Ave.

1520 Fulton Ave.

620 West 153rd St.

123-44th St.

133-33 Brookville Blvd.

301 Main St.

377 Summerhill Rd.

112 Fleet Pl.

49 Wyckoff Ave.

2395 Palisades Ave.

2107 Ditmas Ave.

210 Clarkson Ave.

510 Driggs Ave.

444 Clinton Ave.

251 Front St.

770 Lighthouse Dr.

1120 St Johns Pl.

369 Lexington Ave.

160 Clarkson Ave.

10 Quincy St.

550 Prospect Pl.

101 Bruckner Blvd.

834 Pacific St.

45-57 Davis St.

18 Spencer St.

1266 Ocean Parkway.

782 New York Ave.

1109 Bedford Ave.

Bedford Center

Project Fort Lee

195 Clarkson Ave.

125 Borinquen Pl.

207 South 3rd St.

Project Rogers

1068 Fulton Ave.

25 Bruckner Blvd.

Project Bergen

321 Wythe Ave.

Le Columbe Tribeca

Project 58

Project 53

Project 47

Project 49

Project 44

Project E27

Project 157

Project 182

Project 221

Project 22nd

Project E17

Project E24

Project E2

Project E5

Project 42

Sofa, coffee table, custom planters, with open roof

Project Kent

Lounging area

Project One

Right alley view, with money bars

Project 202

Table and chairs, retractable awning

Project Ten

Table and chairs

Project Kay

Project Q

Project I

Project F

Project X

Project O

Project C

Project AT

Project K

Project J

L Residence

Project W

Project 90

Project 59 PR

Project 48

Project W25

Pergola, ping-pong table, dining area, with outdoor kitchen, day shot

Project Palisade

Checkerboard custom pavers, floral wall art, custom connected benches, day shot

Project Clinton

Lounge chairs, under shade structure canopy

Project Lexington

Adult swings, overlooking view

Project W124

Built-in sofa, lounging area, night shot

Project Wyckoff

Dining area, day shot

Project Quincy

Retractible pergola, closed roof, lounging area, day shot

Project E10

Outdoor kitchen, BBQ grill, and pizza oven

Project E2nd

Sofa section, fire pit, outdoor BBQ grill, artificial turf grass

Project Fifty-Eight

Top view, adult swing, pergola and dining area, day shot

Project E5th

Interior view, night shot

Project Fifty-Second

Lounge chairs, and fire pit

Project 45

Sofa section, night shot

Project 58

Custom planters, dining area in the background

Project Crown

Sofa section, day shot

Project 52nd

Dining area, and sofa section

Project Rutledge

Lakefront view, and dock

Project Winston

Interior view of lounging area, with open roof

Project Lynch

Backyard, entrance

Project Herschell Terrace

Project V

Project R

Project P

Project H

Project Spencer

Project Bedford

Project Gates

Fink Penthouse

Project TR

Project G2

Project GR

Project M

Project L

Project T

Project 49 Rendering